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The 10 best posts from The Freelancer’s Year

By December 26, 2018 June 29th, 2019 No Comments

It’s a hectic time of year and if you’re anything like me, you don’t really want any new emails lobbing into your inbox at the moment. So I hope you’ll excuse the indulgence, but I thought I’d write a round-up post, of what I think are 10 of the most valuable blog posts I’ve written over the past two years.

The 10 best posts from The Freelancer’s Year

In the past few months I’ve had lots of writers contact me asking me to write posts about specific things.

Quite often, I’ve written a post that answers (at least in part) what they are asking for, but the information is buried amongst all my posts.

So if you have time during the holidays to catch up on some reading, I’ve compiled what I think are some of the most useful posts from The Freelancer’s Year. If they are new to you, I hope they offer real value and if it’s a second reading, then I hope you find something interesting or new in them.

I’ll be overseas by the time you read this, but you can still expect a weekly post each week while I’m away. Stayed tuned because I’m excited about my January line up – I’ve got a guest post from a super experienced medical writer about how writers with no experience can break into the lucrative field of medical writing, and a Q&A with a young writer who is making a killing on Upwork.

Happy holidays (if you’re having them) and I’m looking forward to welcoming in the new year with you all.

1. How to increase your luck as a freelance writer

You know that saying about how you make your own luck? Well, it turns out it’s true. And it’s not through vision boards or manifesting (although I do know people who swear by them), but by applying a few principles that have been scientifically proven. I know this all sounds a bit woo-woo, but this posts explains how freelance writers can enhance their luck (and how it’s worked for me). 

2. How to find content marketing clients who are under the radar

There’s a big divide in the world of freelance writing. There are so many organisations out there that are creating content and looking for freelance writers, or companies who want to create content, but don’t know where to find good writers. That’s where you come in. This post takes you through the best ways to identify potential content writing clients, who you may not have heard of before, but who have budgets and a need for freelance writers.

3. The one thing every freelance writer should be doing (but isn’t)

Whether you are a freelance content writer, journalist, copywriter, editor or something in between, we have all been in situations where we could do with more work. The feast or famine nature of being a freelancer is nothing new, but there’s one very simple thing that freelancers often neglect to do. But if you do it regularly, it can turn your business around. 

4. Seven publications that pay well for personal essays

Despite some people saying that the personal essay boom is over, I’m seeing little evidence to suggest that readers’ appetites for candid, revealing and thought-provoking first person pieces are sated. For freelance writers, the advantage of writing a personal essay is that you are drawing on your own experience, so there is very little need for external research or case studies. Many writers also say that writing down their own experience and sharing it with others feels validating, affirming and therapeutic. 

 5. Anatomy of a feature article

In the survey I sent out in December 2017, lots of people mentioned that they’d like to see how one of my feature articles developed – from the initial idea and pitching the editor to interviewing case studies and experts, writing the article, submitting it and getting published. In this post I take you through an example of a feature story and all the steps involved in getting the article published in one of Australia’s newspapers.

6. A week in the life of a freelance writer

What does it look like to be a full time freelance writer? I documented the ins and outs of week of work in September 2017 for this post – and it’s less 4-hour work week and more 40-hour work week (minus a few hours).  But despite the seemingly regular ‘office hours’,  freelancing is anything but regular. 

7. Get writing work without pitching (how to get editors to come to you with commissions)

When I started out as a freelance writer it never occurred to me that editors might one day come to me with articles they wanted me to write. In the past, I’ve had the occasional editor ask me to write a specific article for them. But over the past few years, I’ve had multiple editors come to me over and over again with commissions. In this post I share the five key factors that are crucial to getting editors to approach you with commissions.

8. Writing for trade publications

They pay well, the work is regular and often the editors come to you with story ideas. So what is the best way to get into writing for trade magazines and industry publications?

9. How I got a $2/word writing job on LinkedIn

Some of my highest paying clients have come through LinkedIn. A couple of times I’ve spotted these opportunities while ‘passively’ scrolling, but I’ve also had great success in reaching out directly to people who commission freelance writers. In this post I share how I landed one gig that paid $2/word.

10. Landing a column – what it takes

A lot of freelance writers say their dream is to be a columnist. I asked three of Australia’s best-known columnists to spill the beans on how they landed their regular gigs, how column writing differs from feature writing and what advice they would give to freelance writers who dream of having their very own regular space to rant, review or reflect.

Have I missed any of your favourite posts? Which ones would you add to this list?

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