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Updated: The 4 podcasts every freelance writer should listen to

By October 24, 2018 November 3rd, 2020 6 Comments

I am such a fan of podcasts – in fact, I think the podcast app on my iPhone is the one I use most. I don’t think you can underestimate the power of a podcast – it was listening to Ed Gandia’s podcast that made me realise I could make a living from being a freelance writer. In March 2017 I wrote a post about the four podcasts that I believed every freelance writer should listen to, but two of the podcasts I recommended don’t release new episodes any more, so it’s time for an update.

The 4 podcasts every freelance writer should listen to

I love a good podcast. I’m a bit of a nerd and while I definitely consume podcasts for entertainment (like the erudite, endearing and life-affirming Chat 10 Looks 3), I also adore “educational” podcasts because they have so much value for solo-preneurs, micro business owners, freelancers – whatever you want to call us.

It’s like having a business coaching session on tap.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to what writing podcasts I listen to, because I want the max value in the least amount of time.

I want a podcast that’s going to help me build my business, think about writing in a different way, or introduce me to ideas that I haven’t come across before.

Here are 4 podcasts that regularly produce awesome, valuable content for freelance writers, and what’s more, the first three undoubtedly will help you with mastering different strategies, systems and techniques.

1. The Writing Coach Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast from South Africa-based freelance writer and coach Rebecca Weber, that does a deep dive into specific topics, such as procrastination, pitching and travel writing. Rebecca also interviews freelance writers who talk about their experiences, such as how they pitched and placed certain stories, how they cover underreported stories and how they transitioned from writing articles to making videos.

What I love about Rebecca’s podcast is that she tackles the big issues for freelance writers such as confidence and mindset, not just the process and practicalities of freelancing.

A great place to start is episode one where Rebecca asks, “What’s your problem?”

It’s meant as a probe, not an accusation and it’s a cracker of an episode.

My pick for the best episodes:

Episode 1: What’s your problem?

Episode 9: Longform articles and short documentaries with Christopher Clark

2. High-Income Business Writing

Ed Gandia’s high-income business writing podcast featured in my first post about podcasts and it’s still a great podcast.

Ed regularly delivers incredibly useful strategies, advice and tips for freelance writers.

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an episode and not gained some knowledge about how to implement a practical skill or gleaned some inspiration from Ed’s case studies, interviews and reflections on how to be a profitable freelance writer.

“Earn more in less time doing the work you love for better clients.”

It’s a tagline I think encapsulates what so many of us are after.

As I mentioned initially, I credit Ed’s podcast with galvanising me into action into going full time as a freelancer, particularly this interview with Jennifer Gregory where I realised that it was possible to earn a great living from writing. It’s still one of my favourites.

My pick for the best episodes:

Episode 103: How Freelance Writer Jennifer Gregory Took Her Income to $100,000 in 6 Simple Steps

Episode 160:  Selling Your Writing Services When You’re an Introvert — an Interview with Matthew Pollard

3. Hot Copy: A copywriting podcast for copywriters

Sometimes I think Kate Toon is Wonder Woman – she is an entrepreneur, copywriting guru, SEO maven and conference founder. Goodness knows how she has time to record her Hot Copy podcast, but I’m glad she does.

It’s a frank and often funny exploration into being a copywriter, and even though I’m not a copywriter, Kate and her co-host Belinda Weaver give all kinds of useful advice as well as sharing their experience.

My pick for the best episodes:

Episode 19: Copywriting fees – what to charge

Episode 75: Beat the blank page! Our copywriting process from blank page to first draft

Kate is also interviewed in this great episode of the Being Freelance podcast about how she spends 25 per cent of her time marketing herself.

4. Longform

I don’t think I could love this podcast more.

It’s a little different from my first three recommendations because Longform is a weekly podcast where a non-fiction writer (or editor) is interviewed about how they tell stories.

But every time I listen I come away totally inspired (and often amazed) at the quality and depth of writing that some writers reach.

There are so many fantastic episodes and if you’re new to Longform the great thing is that you have an incredible back catalogue of episodes to explore.

My pick for the best (recent) episodes:

Episode 307: Jeff Maysh (This is a super episode where freelance writer Jeff Maysh talks about his desire to tell “bangers” and how his articles are often sold to Hollywood to be made into movies)

Episode 299: Helen Rosner (An interview with the brilliant, funny and oh-so-articulate Helen Rosner, food correspondent with The New Yorker)

So there you have it, four podcasts that I really think add so much value for freelance writers. But before I finish …

Honourable mentions go to:

The Content Byte – a bite-sized and fabulous podcast hosted by freelance writers Rachel Smith and Lynne Testoni who talk all things freelance and content. Some of their interviews run a little longer than the usual 10 – 15 minutes, but are well worth a listen.

Writer on the Road – (not just because of episode 102), but because the host Melinda is such a skilful interviewer who balances talking about her own experience as a writer with being wonderfully curious about her guest.

Being Boss – this is a great podcast for all kinds of freelancers – it’s sassy, fun and always on the money.

Do you listen to podcasts? Have I left out any great ones? Which podcasts do you recommend?


  • Mazuba says:

    I like the OffBeat Life Podcast, Women Who Travel, the CN Travel podcast and I listen to Rebecca’s podcast as well as longform. For other types of podcasts, I like the Reading Woman, Not Another Book podcast and the Librarian is in podcast by the New York Public Library. I’m also in the process of creating my own travel themed podcast.

    • Lindy Alexander says:

      Mazuba! Thank you – what a great list of podcasts – I’m going to check them out. Thanks for your recommendations and good luck with your own podcast.

  • Kristin Hanes says:

    Great suggestions! Thanks! I’m always looking for more good writing podcasts 🙂

  • Jennifer Morton Writer says:

    I’m blocked. So, I remembered your post about podcasts for writers. I’m listening to Longform with high hopes of inspiration. Fingers crossed.

    I LOVE Terrible, Thanks for Asking, a podcast by Nora McInery. It’s real-life stuff, sad stuff but Nora is SO funny and real about the crap that life dishes out that it’s addictive.

    • Lindy Alexander says:

      The Tip Off is also another great podcast for writers (it goes behind the scenes of how investigative journalists found particular stories).
      I haven’t heard of Nora’s podcast, but I’m always keen to know what other people are listening to, so I’ll make sure I check it out.
      Hope the podcasts help you break the block Jen.

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