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6 more great food publications to pitch

By July 30, 2019 September 23rd, 2020 7 Comments

I’m yet to meet a freelance writer who doesn’t love food. Writing about food is a heaven-match for many people because food writing is so much more than penning stories about ingredients, products or recipes. I believe there’s a food story almost everywhere you look. Food intersects with so many things: politics, waste, cultural appropriation, business, gender, travel … the list goes on. So if you’ve got a passion for food and for writing, here are 6 great paying publications to pitch.

6 great publications where you can pitch your food stories

Many of you know that I am a passionate baker, but when I first started freelance writing, I never really considered writing about food. I always thought food writing was restricted to being a restaurant critic or writing about famous chefs.

But since then, I’ve realised that’s not the case at all.

In previous posts I have written about how I broke into food writing and how others can do the same, as well writing posts for other people about how freelance writers can get their food writing published.

But part of the battle of freelance food writing is knowing which magazines accept submissions and which publications and outlets to pitch. When I first started this blog, I detailed 10 great food publications to pitch, but I think it’s time to add to that list.

Here are 6 great publications looking for food pitches from freelance writers.

And if you’re interested in finding out exactly what kind of publications and organisations commission freelance food writers I have a free guide that you can download below 

Serious eats

Don’t let the word ‘serious’ put you off from pitching this fabulous online publication. They are serious about producing great content, but Serious Eats isn’t exclusive or snobby. The site publishes all kinds of features about food and drink, recipes, cooking techniques, the science behind particular ingredients, investigations and profiles. The main thing to keep in mind when you’re pitching is the relevance of your idea to the readers of Serious Eats.

Pitch guidelines here


Pay: Reportedly around 20c/word USD (but this depends on the relationship with the writer, turnaround time, amount of reporting and/or travel involved).

Extra info: An interesting interview with Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats in 2006.

Gastro Obscura

A word of warning: don’t visit this site unless you’re prepared to lose a few hours reading fascinating (and yes, obscure) articles about When New Yorkers were menaced by banana peels or The pirate who penned the first English-language guacamole recipe.

Gastro Obscura is such a joy to read for food readers and food writers alike, so if you’ve got a story with a strong sense of place (not a profile on a single dish or food), get pitching.

Pitch guidelines here

Pitch: Alex Mayyasi (who refreshingly says “You don’t need a background in food journalism; just a lot of curiosity and an interest in food.”)

Pay: 40c/word (USD).

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer was one of the first food publications I wrote for, so I have a soft spot for this incisive (now digital only) publication. If you’ve got ideas about agriculture, technology, people, policy, plants and animals impacted by food, then it’s definitely worth pitching.

Pitch guidelines here

Pitch: Amy Rosen, the digital editor

Pay: Web rates vary, but the upper limit is reportedly around $300 USD


Furthermore is Equinox’s lifestyle site, and while they cover beauty, fitness and style, there’s a really strong focus on food content. Most of the food articles tend to have a health or wellness slant, but some are ‘service journalism’ type articles that cover the best places to eat and drink in a particular city.

They are always looking to work with recipe developers too so keep that in mind.

Pitch: Leah Bhabha –

Pay: Reported to be $350 USD for 800 words (recipe development tends to be a bit higher)

SBS Food

“Food is not just fuel. It’s love, family, home, emotion, tradition, health, sickness, ethics and money. It’s big business and small satisfactions.” This is what makes SBS Food such a great vertical for readers and writers alike – they live and breathe food.

Unlike most of Australia’s other digital publishers, SBS is governed by a Charter. This means that pitches from freelance writers must include issues relevant to CALD communities or First Nations peoples.

I love that the editors at SBS Food have written out clear pitch guidelines (here).

Pitch: Camellia Aebischer (editor) –

Pay: Around 50c/word (AUD), topping out at $300 per article


Nutrition. Cooking. Restaurants. Agriculture. Social Justice. Food Politics. If you’ve got story ideas on any of these topics, then get pitching to Heated on Medium.

Heated covers all types of topics and storytelling, including investigative reporting, profiles, injustice related to food, health, cooking narratives and restaurants.

Pitch guidelines here

Pitch: Editor Melissa McCart (

Pay: Reported to be $1 (USD) a word.

Are you a food writer? Do you have other food publications that you love to read or pitch?


  • Jen says:

    Incredibly timely Lindy and just the motivation I needed. Thank you!
    P.s – Will you do an update when you are taking on one-on-one sessions again?

    • Lindy Alexander says:

      So glad to hear that Jen! Yes, for sure. I’ll let people know when I’m doing 1-1 sessions again (at this stage it’ll be early next year). Happy to suggest alternative coaches if that would help.

  • Es says:

    Eating Well in the US is another publication that pays well.

  • maira says:

    I’m so happy I’ve found your blog!!
    And I actually found your first published food article first which already took me in a journey to find out what french conversation tarts actually was…

  • Keyla says:

    Love this article to earn money as a freelance writer while I grow my food blog so I can quit my jobs, and this article motivate me so much.

    I wanted to do guest post but I can see that paid publications are better 😍.

    Right now since I learn how to cook and became a food bloguer I want to write about nutrition, and recipes.

    Jesus bless you Lindy alexander 😃🙏🤗

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