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The best blogs for freelance writers

By June 14, 2024 20 Comments

I have recently discovered a couple of amazing blogs for freelance writers. Oh how I love blog posts written by, and for, freelance writers. These websites are so good that I almost can’t believe they are giving away their content and wisdom for free.

When I started freelancing full time I loved receiving blog posts from great freelancing websites about everything from content marketing to travel writing to business tips for freelance writers to ghostwriting. These posts made me feel that it was possible to earn a living from being a writer and also to write on topics and for publications that I cared about.

You know that I love podcasts about freelance writing, well, there are lots of blogs out there about freelance writing too. But while there are lots about the craft of writing or improving your writing style, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the top five blogs for freelance writers. These are blogs about the nitty gritty about this freelance life. They talk candidly about writing pitches and query letters, relationships with editors, finding content marketing clients, breaking into travel writing and more.

The top 5 blogs for freelance writers:

1. The Content Marketing Writer

If you want to break into content marketing, Jennifer Gregory’s blog is the best one around. From finding a lucrative niche to writing Letters of Introduction (LOIs) to a break down of how Jennifer earned $19K in February 2017, this is a treasure trove of useful, practical and inspiring articles about the booming domain of content marketing.

2. Dream of Travel Writing

I discovered Gabi Logan’s blog a month or so ago and I am loving it. Every Thursday Gabi runs a free one-hour class on growing your freelance travel writing income. You can watch live or catch up on the webinar later. I’m working through each session, but so far every one I’ve watched offers loads of information based on Gabi’s extensive experience, as well as easy to execute ideas on topics such as coming up with better article ideas while you’re travelling or securing a spot on a press trip

Gabi also runs the Travel Magazine Database (affiliate link), which will put the stop to any thoughts you have that there are dwindling numbers of publications looking for travel articles. It’s an incredible resource for writers to get detailed breakdowns of hundreds of travel magazines in addition to the 30 magazines new breakdowns a month for $20/month. (You can also save two months’ membership fees when you opt for an annual subscription.)

3. The International Freelancer

As a journalist who lived and worked in India for many years Mridu Khullar Relph’s blog is full of frank advice and examples of how to make it as a successful freelance writer. And she should know – she’s written for some big publications including The New York Times, TIME, CNN and Marie Claire. She’s a huge advocate of individual writers pursuing stories that are meaningful to them and earning good money doing so. Need I say more?

4. Writing Revolt

If you like your freelance writing advice to be “bullshit free” then Jorden Roper’s blog is going to be for you. Jorden is a straight talking writer who built up a freelance writing business from the ground up with little experience and in a short amount of time. Her most popular posts include how she built a $5K/month writing business in four months and seven ways to find high paying clients. Jorden also runs a super active and supportive community for freelance writers on Facebook.  

5. Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice’s blog is the epicentre for all kinds of freelance writers – those who are new to freelancing, those who want to stop writing for content mills, those who want to get into business writing and even writers who want to monetise their blog. Carol’s posts are forthright and she is a fierce advocate for writers getting paid fair rates for what they do.

If you have time and you’ve worked your way through this list, I’d also recommend checking out these three below:

Elna Cain’s site: https://elnacain.com/blog/

Samar Owais’ site: http://freelanceflyer.com/

The Write Life: https://thewritelife.com/

What blogs by and for freelance writers do you read? Have I missed any that you’d recommend? 


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