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18 gifts for writers that aren’t a book voucher or pen

If you’re one of those people who agonises about coming up with impressive gift ideas year after year, thinking about the best gifts for writers in your life might elicit higher than normal levels of anxiety.

Given that writers’ imaginations tend to be more vivid than the average Joe, finding a gift for them requires more effort than simply typing four simple words – creative gifts for writers – into a Google search. Yes, writers are creative and sometimes quirky, and more than likely hard to buy presents for. Rather than attempting to get into their headspace, we’ve come up with a collection of gifts for readers and writers – something that will suit everyone, from the hard-core journalist and the literary students to the dreamers and the poets.

Unusual gifts for writers

Because no two writers are the same, gifts for people who love writing should be as unusual and unique as they are.

Capture that idea anywhere

If you’re a writer, constant thinking is part of the gig. And ideas seem to strike at the most inconvenient time. Often, it’s when you’re having a peaceful moment in the shower or bath – and the outside world has been shut away. A thought comes into your head as you relax under the water spray. But there’s no need to turn the shower off, or hop out of your bath, simply jot that gem down on the AquaNotes waterproof pad.

Every writer enjoys a play on words

Writer’s Tears is a blended Irish whiskey which took out a gold medal in 2017 at the International Spirits Challenge in London.

Ahem, not that this post is recommending alcohol as a go-to for writers, but a drink or two can certainly help unlock trapped words for some. It may even assist unblocking the dreaded writer’s block. Writer’s Tears is a perfect gift for writers who enjoy a tipple every now and again.

Support your books

Writers and books go hand in hand. Bookends help keep a bookshelf tidy. If you’re going to go for novelty bookends, why not let the world know you’re a proud writer or author? Themed bookends are an ideal gift for authors to celebrate their literary achievements.

Light up your book lover

Gingko has produced the perfect gift for writers – a smart book light that masquerades as a fabric covered notebook on the outside. When opened it transforms into an open book with pages that emit a soft LED light. The innovative book light can either be opened partially or fully, creating a glowing decorative feature any writer will warm to.

Gifts for aspiring writers

If someone you know is ready to make the deep dive into getting published, here are a couple of gift ideas to support their writing journey.

How to minimise distractions

If you’ve ever taken notice of who is sitting at your local café, you may spy a few individuals in front of their laptops. They could be a writer working on their next chapter or feature story. Help the writer in your life concentrate on their writing tasks with some noise cancelling on ear headphones.

They’re so versatile: they can block out external chatter or provide writing inspiration by listening to music or podcast episodes without disturbing anyone sitting nearby.

Sketching over words

Sometimes writers have difficulty finding the right words. Instead of the traditional lined notebook, consider a sketch book to help release a flow of words. And even if the words are not forthcoming, many writers love to sketch ideas as part of their creative process (like did you know JK Rowling sketched characters and scenes from Harry Potter as she was writing the novels?)

Digital voice recorder

If you’ve got a freelance writer for a friend, then it’s likely you’ve heard them mention quoting people they interview in their articles. So how does a writer capture ‘exactly’ what was said in a conversation? By recording it. Nowadays, most writers rely on a digital recording device to record interviews. While a mobile phone’s recording function might be a good option, to a writer, a backup digital voice recorder is worth its weight in gold. And you’ll go up in their good books, if you can find a recorder with a good quality sensitive mic (it decreases the chance of picking up background noise).

And when they have a moment of inspiration, all they have to do is press record to keep that thought!

Gifts for young writers

No matter how old the writer in your life is, there’s always something for those who are young at heart.

Old school trick

A whiteboard on the wall can be an inexpensive writing gift. Your writerly friend can down jot their notes or plots with a whiteboard marker or erase them as they come up with something better. Combine that with another inexpensive gift: post it notes. They can scribble chapter titles, subtitles, characters, or story lines on them. The whiteboard + post it notes = a writer’s colourful think tank.

Frequent the local coffee shop

If you know where your writer lives, look up the local coffee shops in the area and purchase a gift card for them. Not only is this an ideal gift for people who love writing it’s also great for small businesses. And it will make the writer leave the house. Who knows what ideas they will pick up in their local café/coffee shop?

Show them the story they love

A literary tote bag is a practical, yet personalised writing gift. Canvas totes are a great, environmentally friendly present because they can be used again and again. Plus, writers can carry more than a journal in their tote bag. There’s always room for pens, highlighters, digital voice recorders, sketch books and more.

Unique gifts for writers

Keep the writer in your life happy by thinking outside the square.

When the temperature drops

If your writer lives in a cooler climate, a pair of fingerless gloves may be the perfect gift for your writer to warm up, stop procrastinating and get to the keyboard or notebook.

A different kind of tick tock

Looking for some fun things to buy for writers? Check out this fun writer’s clock which will put a smile on their dial (or should we say clock face?) Safe to say, nearly all writers need a gentle reminder of the passing of time and what they should be doing with it. A writer’s clock will help them shift a gear and move into task mode.

Of course, a course!

If the writer in your life needs a little jump start to get going with their ambitions, why not think about helping them enrol in a writing course? There’s everything from learning how to be a travel writer and guides on how to write a compelling personal essay that gets them published – fast.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who gave the gift of transformation?

Christmas gifts for writers

Make your writer’s Christmas a memorable one.

Comfy Christmas pyjamas for when inspiration strikes

Whether it’s early morning or the late hours of the evening, you want your writer to be comfy and cosy. Whether they’re about to go to bed or have just left the bed, keep the flow of creativity going with Christmas-themed PJs. They’re the perfect festive gift for people who celebrate Christmas and who love writing. Comfy PJs are sure to keep your writer warm while they’re writing up a storm.

The smell of nostalgia

You can buy scented candles to remind you of Christmas pine trees, but did you know there are candles that smell like a library? And a cool present for writers who are Harry Potter fans: a Hogwarts Library natural soy handmade scented candle. Just imagine any Potter enthusiasts lighting such a candle then being transported to the first floor of Hogwarts Castle into the library where thousands of books await. Hogwarts’s heaven!

Snuggle up on the couch

What could be a better writing gift than a personally embellished cushion? This book lover pillow with your writer’s name stitched across it will guarantee you’re in their good books. And when they’re keen for a long reading session on the couch, there won’t be any arguments over finding a cushion.

Gifts for creative writers

Writers aren’t the only ones who can think creatively – show ’em what you’ve got!

Get Mobile

Writers who type more than they actually hand write will love typing from anywhere with a wireless bluetooth keyboard. Portable, affordable, and wireless, a bluetooth keyboard connected to a phone gives freedom to type a few pages from anywhere: the train, plane, café, or bookstore.

Wall Art

Nothing speaks to the creative mind more than a statement art piece. A piece of retro artwork is a thoughtful gift for people who love writing. Reading a poster with an encouraging intention is like uttering a positive writing affirmation. Your writer may choose to hang it in the office, bedroom, living room or loo – wherever inspiration strikes.

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