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How to write a personal narrative that’s vivid and compelling

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Every single one of us has a story that’s worth telling. Whether you tell your stories verbally or write them down, the essential elements are the same: you want to create a compelling, interesting and vivid personal narrative.

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What is a personal narrative?

A personal narrative is a piece of writing about an experience you’ve had or a story that includes reflections on your life. By definition, a personal narrative is written in the first person because it’s, well … personal.

Some people choose to write and get their personal narratives published, whereas others have to write personal essays (also called narrative essays or thesis statements) for high school assignments or university entrance requirements.

Personal narrative topics

The beauty of a personal narrative is that the topic is linked to you, your thoughts, reflections and experiences so they can be about anything.

In general, narrative essays are usually truthful pieces of writing about a particular event or experience.

This means personal narratives can be: funny, inspiring, evocative, thoughtful, revealing, contentious, sad, provocative, reflective, informative, encouraging and so on.

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Personal narrative example

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How to start a personal narrative

It can be tricky knowing how to begin a narrative essay

Writing a personal narrative

descriptive and vivid language

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