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4 podcasts every freelance writer should listen to

By June 14, 2024 No Comments

This post has been updated as of October 2018 – you can read the updated post here

I have always been a big reader, but since having kids there is no longer a stack of books next to my bed. Rather, my iPhone memory is almost full from all the writerly podcasts I subscribe and listen to.

4 podcasts every freelance writer should listen to

What I love about podcasts is that you can listen to them at any time and doing any thing. My partner loves hanging out the washing because as soon as he walks out the back door with our washing basket on his hip he has a podcast playing. If I get the exciting occasion of having the car to myself, I listen to podcasts.

I listen to podcasts about all kinds of things – I even tried the Gilmore Guys podcast there for a while, but I keep coming back to ones that help my writing and really make me think about how I run my business (because let’s face it, as a freelance writer, you’re a micro business).

Here are my top picks for business and process-focused podcasts I think every freelance writer should listen to:

Hot Copy: A copywriting podcast for copywriters

Ok, so despite having ‘copy’ in this podcast’s title three times, and despite me not working as a copywriter, I do really like this podcast. Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver are both well-known Australian copywriters and coaches and share their tips and resources as well as interviewing practising copywriters and answering questions. They’re forthright and funny and experienced. It’s like having a business mentor in your room with you each couple of weeks.

My pick for the best episodes:

What we wish we’d known before we started copywriting (#27)

Copywriting fees – what to charge (#19)

High-Income Business Writing with Ed Gandia

You have to get over the cheesy music and voiceover, but this podcast is solid gold. It’s produced every fortnight and Ed is a thoughtful, reflective host who interviews writers in a manner that gets them to open up about their success and failure.

Like lots of writing coaches these days, Ed is keen to help writers to get to the “6 figure level” with their writing. Some episodes haven’t been that relevant for me (hello the episode on prayer as a business strategy), but overall this is a great podcast if you want varied guests, who cover different topics such as using LinkedIn to attract clients, pricing per hour or per project or how to find a niche.

My pick for the best episodes:

Kate Kordsmeier on the High-Income Opportunity in Food & Travel Writing (#105) 

How Freelance Writer Jennifer Gregory Took Her Income to $100,000 in 6 Simple Steps (#103)

Freelance Transformation

I wasn’t really a fan of this one when I first heard it, but I think Matt Inglot, the host, has a wonderful way of interviewing. What I love about his style is that he picks up on the intricacies of each conversation and seems to have an uncanny knack for focusing on things that listeners will find interesting and mine for more information. Some of the topics can seem quite high level (e.g. talking about developing products and sales funnels), but there’s lots of great stuff for solo freelancers looking for advice.

My pick for the best episodes:

Stop dumpster diving for clients (#81)

Find and work with clients remotely (#76)

One Hack Away From Wonder Woman

These are short and sharp podcasts from Lorrie Hartshorn focused on simple but effective ways to boost your writing productivity, income and client base. Laurie talks from experience and has really practical advice for implementing her ideas.

My pick for the best episodes:

How to market your freelance writing business for less than $100 a year (#21)

How to get into a new freelance writing niche – quick!

There are plenty of other podcasts out there that focus on writing in general, but I have found these to be super useful to learn about the business of freelance writing.

Do you listen to podcasts? Have I left out any great ones? Which podcasts do you recommend?

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  • Hi Lindy,

    Thanks for another great post! I love podcasts – they’re such a great source of learning and inspiration and help make time spent doing mundane chores doubly productive. My favourites for writers include the Australian Writers’ Centre, So You Want to be a Writer (https://www.writerscentre.com.au), which is an amazing resource for anyone interested in almost any kind of writing. Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast (http://www.thecreativepenn.com) is a mine of information about creative writing, indie publishing and more.

    • Lindy Alexander says:

      Thanks for your comment Persephone – I love how you put that about podcasts making mundane chores doubly productive. Thanks for those two recommendations – I used to regularly listen to the AWC podcast so that’s a great reminder to get back into it and I’ve only heard one episode of Joanna Penn’s podcast, so I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  • Anne-Liesse Persehaye says:

    Hi Lindy! I’m getting frantic here subscribing to each of those four podcasts you’re mentioning – I want to listen to them all.. at once!! Thanks so much for sharing such interesting resources. I, too, love podcasts and how I manage to make the best of my free time thanks to them.

    I’ve found that I tried to optimize "down" times too much, though, so since January of this year, I’ve tried not to listen to as many podcasts or radio shows as before. I do NOT need to learn that much about everything ALL the time!…

    I use that quiet time to be more mindful about what I’m doing (chores or cooking) and/or listen to my kids play, or argue!, or just the noises coming from outside. I just had to quiet all the noise in my brain… So this is my podcast advice for you – fewer podcasts, but with more appreciation!

    • Lindy Alexander says:

      That’s really good advice Anne-Liesse! I’m currently writing a round-up article for a magazine about podcasts for women and once I’ve finished that article THEN I promise I’ll take your advice 🙂

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