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Watch me review a writer’s pitch (VIDEO)

By May 20, 2020 February 21st, 2023 14 Comments

Last week’s post was about 3 reasons why freelance writers’ pitches to magazines and newspapers aren’t successful.

This week I want to do something different.

Rather than writing a post about pitching, I’m sharing a video of a pitch review.

I’m regularly asked by writers about how to pitch an article, what makes a successful magazine pitch, and why I think their pitches aren’t being commissioned.

This week you can watch me review a writer’s pitch.

This pitch is from an established Australian writer and author who was having trouble breaking into one of her favourite publications.

You’ll see (and hear) my process for reviewing her pitch, what I think works well and the things I think she needs to work on before she sends it.

Watch me review a freelance writer’s pitch (click the image below)

Pitch review video

At the writer’s request, I’ve pixelated any identifying information. 

There’s no doubt that pitching is an art and one that can take a while to perfect.

If you want more support with sending out query letters to editors of magazines, newspapers and digital publications, there are some super resources available. 

Get paid to write articles for magazines, newspapers and online publications

What makes a successful magazine pitch? Where to find pitching help

These resources offer some great suggestions of how and where to pitch:

My resources related to successful pitching:

Examples of pitches that were commissioned:

Articles about pitching that I’ve found useful:

How and where to pitch your writing

The nine types of query letters (and when to use them)

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The nuts and bolts of turning a story idea into a query

Was it useful to see me critique a writer’s pitch? Would you like more video posts like this one?


  • Claire says:

    Great video Lindy!

  • Robyn Lang says:

    Yes that was good, especially as it wasa very concrete example.

  • Thanks Lindy, that was wonderful to hear the specifics of your thoughts & reasons behind your responses to that pitch. So clear! And it was good to hear your voice! I live in the US with an east coast accent & such a pleasure to hear your lovely accent! You sound exotic from where I stand. Now I will be able to read your posts with your voice in the words.

    • lindyalexander says:

      Thanks so much Annette. That’s funny about my voice and accent – I always feel it’s a bit of a shock when you hear someone speak for the first time!

  • Shanna says:

    Hi Lindy, really helpful video — thanks so much for posting it!

  • Bron Willis says:

    I loved the video Lindy! Thankyou! Reminded me to think more carefully about each specific publication to tailor the type of story to it. (As an aside, have you ever thought of offering pitch reviews by email as a service to add to your suite of mentoring products?) Could be attractive for people who don’t want to spend the full hour of coaching (Although i can vouch that it is money extremely well spent!) or for those who have done your coaching already and want a quick email pitch review? Just a thought! Love your work Lindy

    • lindyalexander says:

      Thanks so much Bron. It’s funny that you suggested pitch reviews – I am thinking about how I might be able to offer this for writers who just want a quick ‘tune up’!

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Lindy. So insightful – it was interesting to hear your stream of consciousness assessing this pitch. Please do more of these! Hope you are keeping well..

    • lindyalexander says:

      Thank you Laura, that means a lot. I’m always a bit nervous putting myself out there like that! Next … video :O

  • Thank you Lindy. Nice to place a voice beside the text and a great critique. My takeaway is that you sometimes have to write a bit to get to the kernel/hook.

    • lindyalexander says:

      Thanks Richard. Yes, I think you’re absolutely right. Often the real story is buried in the second or third para!

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