As of July 2020 I’m no longer offering 1:1 coaching 

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As a freelance writer, I know the importance of having good people around you.

When you are running your own micro-enterprise as a freelancer, you don’t have a manager to send you off to professional development sessions or automatically help you when you get stuck.

That’s where coaching comes in.

Sometimes all you need is a quick ‘tune up’ and you’re off – a one-on-one coaching session with an experienced and successful freelancer who can listen to your questions and provide you with useful, practical advice that you can implement immediately.

I offer one-on-one personalised coaching sessions for freelance writers at any stage of their career – whether you are yet to send your first pitch or if you have had success, but there are still certain things you want to work on, publications that you haven’t yet managed to break into, productivity habits that you want to develop or develop a strategy to gain more content writing clients – whatever you want to achieve, I can help.

What you need to know:

I offer 50 minute coaching sessions where you can ask me anything you like via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or phone.

We can brainstorm pitch angles and ideas, talk about potential publications, develop productivity habits, go through a pitch or an article, talk about how best to find and target potential content marketing clients  – anything that will help you progress your writing career.

When you sign up, I’ll ask you to fill in a form that tells me a little bit about yourself and your goals for the session.

We’ll find a time that suits both of us and then we’ll have a session that will get you on your way to reaching your freelance writing goals.

What do people I've worked with say?

I booked a session with Lindy after a particularly tough month of freelancing. I wasn’t satisfied with that month’s earnings and felt I was spending too much time looking for story ideas or pitching to editors I scarcely knew, rather than getting on with work that came to me. The session was invaluable for me – I came away with so many leads for sourcing work and placing stories. We also discussed a pitch I was having trouble finding a home for, and I realised I need to think more about why it would interest an editor’s readers rather than why I think it’s interesting per se. I followed Lindy’s advice and by the following week, I had a commission for $4000.That was just incredible to me. By the end of the month, I had tripled my income from that lousy month. I am really grateful for Lindy’s generosity in sharing contacts and helping me see that I need to approach the hunt for new work a bit more strategically, rather than firing off a few LOIs every now and again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lindy’s mentoring sessions and I know that it will be the first thing I invest in again when I realise my freelance career needs a refreshing.

Jessica Mudditt, Australian freelance writer

I didn’t think I’d come out of the session feeling so much more confident about running a freelance business. I would totally recommend this service to any freelance writer at any stage of their career. Your advice was spot on about reaching out to long-standing clients. Within just days of the coaching session, I emailed one of my clients about other writing work and have been offered another ongoing opportunity. I also feel like I have much more direction on how to target new clients in a field that is lucrative. This session was worth every cent and more!

Karla, Melbourne-based freelance journalist

Making the decision to do two mentoring sessions with Lindy was one of my best decisions this year! Lindy gave me some great insight on how to improve my pitches, how to make them relevant and get editors' attention. She quickly suggested publications (and put me in touch with contacts) for story pitches that I was struggling to find a home for. And I went away from each session with a great unexpected tip that has changed the way I work and saved me time. (I also got my first travel article commission after taking some of her advice!) Thanks Lindy for your generosity of spirit.

Bronwen, Victoria-based freelance journalist

Getting your feedback made me realise how much I’ve already done, and that I’m closer than I thought to achieving some of my other writing goals. Overall I feel much more positive and confident. I would definitely recommend a mentoring session with Lindy. Speaking one-on-one to someone who’s thrown herself completely into the freelance life and is doing well is encouraging. I really like that you’re open to discussing anything that helps your client – there were a bunch of things I’d been wondering about (and worrying about) for months that were cleared up in the first half of the session.Thanks again for a great session Lindy. I look forward to booking another one.

Brigid, Melbourne-based freelance writer

You gave me practical and actionable advice — things I can do almost immediately to help attract the right types of copywriting clients. You also helped me think outside the box when it comes to avenues for finding these clients! You came in with a plan and had already done your research, which allowed you to pack as much value as possible into the 50 minute session. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made all year. I will definitely be recommending it to other writers. After our session, I felt inspired, reinvigorated and excited about what the future of my writing business will hold next year!

Emma, Sydney-based freelance journalist

You helped me come up with some good ideas, and it made me realize that if I actually sat down, brainstormed and put real effort into this, that I could make something out of this career. I have a sense of confidence I have not felt in quite some time. I would absolutely recommend your sessions. Even though it was only one session, speaking with you helped me focus on a direction and made me realize that I can make a business out of this. The positive feedback and helpful direction from someone experienced in the field is well worth the investment.

Monica, Canadian freelance writer

We squeezed so much into an hour and I loved how you adapted to my pace of questions and really helped me get a lot of value from it. There are so many coaches out there these days, but I think it’s so much more valuable to have support from someone successfully working in the same field and who understands what it’s like. All your advice was so actionable and left me feeling positive and motivated and like my goals are achievable. Having support and someone to bounce ideas off and get your opinion or advice on things was wonderful. It’s invaluable to have this kind of support and a mentor to check in with when I need it. I’m very glad I found you!

Ella, Western Australia-based freelance writer

The session with you made me realise I need to be focused in my approach by creating a spreadsheet of potential contacts and publications. Also, how to search in a targeted way on Linkedin and the exact job titles to be looking for. Discussing a specific pitch was really useful as it made me think about how to change a pitch from ‘this is interesting’ to ‘this is relevant to your readers.’ That’s a big takeaway for me. A one-on-one session is invaluable. I know from your blog that you offer advice on a range of aspects related to freelance journalism, so anyone at any stage of building a business would find it useful.

Jess, Sydney-based freelance journalist

The insights you had about my positioning and branding [were the most useful thing] – you flipped my thinking on its head and were able to see my niche. It had been a massive block to moving my business forward and now I am so excited to really get started! It was a wonderful surprise that you could see my writing better than I could see it myself, and even though I knew of your generosity in sharing contacts and invites to groups, it was lovely to experience it first hand.

Lisa, Melbourne-based freelance writer

The most useful thing was being able to talk through all of the ideas that have been floating around in my head for so long. You listened with interest and then suggested some fabulous ways that I could tailor my ideas to suit particular publications. You also got me thinking about how I can turn one idea into three stories based on the angle I take and the publication I pitch to. I honestly can’t think of anything you could improve. You continuously focussed on my needs and asked me what you could do to assist me. You didn’t shove your ideas down my throat. You nurtured my thoughts and let me take the lead. I was delighted when you said that you would give me the contact names for the publications I am hoping to pitch to. Some freelancers tend to hold on to that sort of info because it’s their bread and butter, but you were so willing to share this, and it just confirmed that you really did want to help me. I have had a children’s book mentor for a long time and am a huge fan of mentoring. For a small fee, writers can save themselves weeks of work by getting someone who has been down this road before to give them the important tips and techniques they need to be successful. I can’t recommend mentoring enough. I just want to say thank you so much for everything Lindy. You made my day. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again or recommend your services to my writing buddies.

Ashling, NSW-based freelance writer

Ready to be mentored?

Having a mentor or a coach can make a huge difference to your career, especially if you are a female journalist. Throughout my freelance writing career, I have had a number of mentors and coaches, and I have learnt so much and been extended by each one.